By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

If you’re the kind of person who has trouble controlling yourself around desserts, this cake is for you. A bakery in China created a life-sized human-shaped cake that, using a bit of old-school special effects magic, screamed any time someone cut into it.

On display this past Sunday at 1905 Creative Culture Park in Shenyang, the cake was baked to look like a shackled human torso. The head, however, was played by an actor with his face painted to match the confection, but his real body hidden underneath the table. The result: the actor remained perfectly still until someone went for a slice, at which point he screamed out in pain.

As an added touch, the sponge cake contained a bit of red and pink jam filling to somewhat mimic the insides of the human body. According to the Daily Mail, pieces of cake were free for anyone brave enough to cut themselves a slice. Sounds like it was heaven on Earth for sociopaths with a sweet tooth.

It’s not the first time a screaming human cake has made the rounds on the Internet. Back in 2012, the Mail reported on a similar cake shown at a Swedish art exhibit—and also criticized for being racist. Thankfully, this more recent screaming cake isn’t as controversial; it’s just really deviant.

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