By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

It’s 2016, and by now, every one of us is a culturally-informed global citizen, knowledgeable in most aspects of global cuisine, including, of course, mastering chopsticks. But just in case you wanted to double check that your chopstick handling skills are completely up to snuff, sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada is here to provide his take on “Chopsticks 101.”

If Chef Hiro looks familiar, it’s because the master sushi chef from Miami’s NoVe Kitchen and Bar has become of bit of a YouTube celebrity, racking up nearly 400,000 subscribers – not bad for a man who is obviously a bit camera shy. Still, over the years he’s caught the attention of the internet by showing off his astounding knife skills and taking on crazy challenges, like making a Dunkin’ Donuts roll earlier this year.


But with Chopsticks 101, Hiro gets back to the basics, demonstrating his preferred holding technique and explaining how to prove you really have your chopstick game down: moving single grains of dry rice from one plate to another (a task that I’m pretty sure has been classified as a form of torture under the Geneva Conventions).

Granted, when it comes to properly using chopsticks, even Hiroyuki Terada’s YouTube channel admits there’s only one rule you really need to follow: “Just don’t starve.” Worst case scenario: there are always hand rolls.