By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© FOX / Getty Images

Christine Ha has a truly amazing and inspiring story: In 2012, she won the third season of MasterChef despite being blind since 2007 due to an autoimmune disease. Though losing the ability to see (“it’s like if you take a really hot shower and then you look into the foggy bathroom mirror, where you only see vague shapes and shadows,” as Ha described it in a 2012 interview) might sound like a major setback, Ha has thrived, creating her own website, The Blind Cook, and parlaying her MasterChef success into a TV career.

But apparently, even though people obviously know Ha can cook, many people still wonder how she cooks. To help them better understand what it’s like to cook without the benefit of sight, earlier this month, Ha posted a video to her YouTube page that “shows how the blind cook.” To demonstrate her technique, Ha attached a GoPro to her head so that, while she can’t see what she’s doing, we get a first-person perspective into how she goes about feeling her way around a kitchen. Of course, there’s an inherent irony in using video to try to visually display what it’s like to cook without vision. But until YouTube creates some sort of touch-smell-and-taste-o-vision, I guess a GoPro will have to do.