Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

Our old buddy Henry Hargreaves is at it again. This time, the artist and photographer who regularly works in the medium of food took on a project reminiscent of his “(De)Hydrate” project where he extracted the sugar from different beverages and turned them into lollipops. For his latest video, Heavy Metal Cereal, Hargreaves turned his attention to how much iron is in cereal.

Most of us are aware that many foods, breakfast cereals included, contain iron. Some cereals, like Total, even boast right on the box that they have 100 percent of your recommended daily iron intake. There’s nothing wrong with that; we need iron to live. But when you think of eating iron, you probably don’t picture yourself as eating actual metal.

As Hargreaves shows us, however, iron is iron. It’s a metal. He guides a little cereal flake around with a magnet and even extracts iron filings right out of what could be someone’s breakfast. You might have seen this parlor trick before, but Hargreaves always seems to have a way with presentation that makes the classic science experiment fun to watch even if you’re not learning about it for the first time.

Plus “Heavy Metal Cereal” is a pretty intriguing title – though be prepared to be disappointed with the video’s soundtrack. Maybe he was worried Metallica would sue.

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