FWx Editors
June 23, 2017

We’ve seen various sushi chefs/stoners transform non-fish items into sushi. Candy, Big Macs, Dunkin’ Donuts—regardless of how any of these sushi-fied creations tastes they look, well, a little gross. But presentation is the name of the game for Yolanda Gampp, creator of the YouTube Channel How to Cake It. We’ve seen Yolanda work her magic before with desserts like realistic heart cakes  or pizza cakes. Her sushi work is just as impressive. Check out the video above to see her bake and roll her way several courses of raw fish-styled pastry.

And if you can’t get out to a sushi bar this weekend and also happen to have several pounds of fondant in your kitchen, you can try to cake it yourself. 

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