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Mike Pomranz
Updated July 14, 2015

Shark Week may have just ended but we can’t let it go just yet, not when there’s an opportunity to carve up some summer fruit in a shark-y homage.

One instructables user recently tossed up a 13 step plan for making a perfect “Watermelon Shark” featuring all the fixin’s including a blue Jell-O base that makes it look like your shark is in water and extra gummy fishes to give your shark some seafaring friends.

Granted, 13 steps is a lot of steps. And getting the teeth right takes some delicate work with a paring knife. If you can’t manage a Halloween pumpkin with anything besides some unevenly square eyes this project might not be for you.  

In that case, I have a two-step procedure for making a watermelon full of vodka. 1) Poke a hole in a watermelon. 2) Put vodka in a watermelon. The end. Sharks can be a real pain in the ass anyway.

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