Clara Olshansky
Updated August 08, 2016

This cooking experiment really puts the hot in hot dog. YouTube channel LET'S MELT THIS (LMT), which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—they've melted Rubik's Cubes, light bulbs, padlocks, and more—subjects a hot dog to an incredible amount of heat in this insane video. High points of the video include watching the total collapse of the ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles and seeing the black, crackled remains of what was once a regular hot dog on a regular bun.

To make this melting possible, LMT set the hot dog and its condiments in some thermite to get it to burn super hot. Thermite is a mix of a metal (aluminum or magnesium) and a metal oxide. There are a few possible metal oxides, but, basically, think of rust. Thermite burns at crazy high temperatures, because the reaction lets out a bunch of heat. In this video, the thermite is burning at 4000˚F.

The video was created in response to an LMT viewer's request "to destroy a hot dog however possible." The hot dog fared pretty well compared to its condiments. By the end of the video, the bottles have been deformed until they look like something out of the opening sequence of Wall-E. The hot dog, on the other hand, is still totally recognizable as what it once was. Sure, you wouldn't want to eat it: the meat has become mysteriously black and white, while the bun is almost entirely black. Still, the two are remarkably recognizable as a hot dog and a bun.

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