By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

What’s the problem with your 3D food printer? You don’t have one? I mean, besides that. That’s right: It’s too complicated to use. Thankfully, the people at Bocusini have taken a machine most of barely realized was available for commercial sale and figured out a way to make it easier to use.

“We are determined to open up the fascinating world of food printing for everyone,” the company says in their Kickstarter campaign. Its answer: an out-of-the-box food printer system that Bocusini describes as plug-and-play, using prefilled food cartridges, as well as a community website for recipes and even an “intuitive user interface” for designing your own foods. The brand says it has used the machine to print more than 30 different food products with pre-filled Bocusini cartridges, which can also be filled by yourself “with a bit of knowledge.”

As TechCrunch points out, “The Bocusini won’t print you a burger. [It allows] you to build objects in sugar and marzipan and draw on foods with absolute precision. The system is basically a simple 3D printer with a heated extrusion head that takes small cartridges of marzipan, chocolate and fudge.” The site calls it an inexpensive, entry-level way to experiment with the idea of 3D food printing.

Apparently enough people believe in the Bocusini to put their money where their 3D-printed-food-eating mouths are. The German team behind the product has already reached their funding goal, but you can still make a pledge over the next nine days. For remaining early birds, the full out-of-the-box system costs around $850, which Bocusini claims should be ready to use just 15 minutes after unpacking.

The completed systems will be shipped in December.  

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