Mike Pomranz
Updated August 05, 2015

What happens when you stop eating? Some of the answers are pretty obvious: You get hungry, you lose weight and eventually you even die. But why? What happens physically to your body between that last slice of pizza and your deathbed?

Interestingly, according to ASAPScience, a lot of the energy your body creates, about 25 percent, is needed just to fuel your brain. And it turns out your brain is a bit of a picky eater. When it gets glucose like it does after you eat, it’s happy, but when its stuck surviving off of energy from burned fat, as it has to when you start to go hungry after about six hours without food, the brain’s functioning becomes impaired. This helps explain why people do all the stupid things they do when they’re hungry.

Thanks to an almost infinite number of food ordering apps, this won’t happen to most of us, but we’re the lucky ones. The video does take an opportunity to remind us that 795 million people around the world still deal with the possibility of going hungry and encourages the viewers to help fight global hunger. You can find the Global Citizen Project that ASAPScience is working with here.

Who knew killing time on YouTube could make you both smarter and more socially conscience?! I should probably balance things out by watching a video of that guy getting hit with a champagne bottle again.

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