Mike Pomranz
Updated June 08, 2015

For most of us, when we thinking of eating in space, we think of the freeze-dried space ice cream you bought as a kid at the planetarium gift shop. But obviously, astronauts need to eat something more than what resembles pink chalk. In a recent video from the European Space Agency, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti—who is currently aboard the International Space Station for a long-duration mission—shows off exactly what cooking in space looks like.

Now, granted, the video is called “Cooking in space,” but very little cooking actually happens. “Spreading in space” would probably be a more apt title, being that all the food comes out of pouches and most of the “cooking” is actually just Cristoforetti spreading it onto her tortilla with a spoon. But what the process lacks in actual cooking it more than makes up for in other areas of difficulty, as different portions of the meal are set to fly off in any direction at any time, thanks to the lack of gravity.

The final product: a mackerel, quinoa and leek cream tortilla. The video description explains Cristoforetti’s choice: “Astronauts are allowed a certain quantity of the so-called ‘bonus food’ of their choice that reminds them of their home cooking tastes. We asked Samantha to show us how she manages to cook one of her bonus food recipes in microgravity: a quinoa salad with dried tomatoes, mackerel and leek cream, all wrapped in a warm tortilla.”

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