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Clara Olshansky
Updated September 11, 2015

Have you found yourself on a boat wishing you could barbecue, as well? This first world problem finally has a solution. The BBQ Donut Boat, a bright orange vehicle installed with a low-smoke charcoal kettle grill and a 12-liter (4 gallon) tank, lets you flip burgers out on the open water, making for the perfect chill day.

The BBQ Donut Boat's low-smoke grill, designed as such both for safety and socializing, can be swapped out for an ice bucket anytime. And for a boat that seats just ten people, the BBQ Donut can party pretty hard. It comes installed with a sunshade and a sound system with a customizable color-changing LED light display for late nights on the water. With six to eight hours of driving time, you can have it catered and even rent a captain.  

The boat is the brainchild of Sebastian Schmitt and his German-based company art think GmbH and is available for rentals, starting at about $300 for three hours, or for sale, for about $15, 000, despite it looking like a giant inner tube.

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