Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated May 18, 2016

Television chefs have come a long way in the past few decades. They that were once stilted hosts demonstrating dry techniques have become flashy, camera-ready, brand-aware ringleaders of their own personal media circuses. But even with the age of the celebrity chef upon us, personality and skill still trump all, and the mother of that movement is most certainly Julia Child who helped define the cooking show genre and gave home cooks all over the country permission to get down and dirty with their dinner. On the other end of the temperament spectrum is Gordon Ramsay, who is a good chef and an even greater yeller. So what would happen if these two titans of food television went head to head not in the kitchen, but on the mic? That's exactly what Epic Rap Battles has brought to life.


Ramsay and Child duke out with a no holds barred war of the words, each slinging burns and spitting sick rhymes at the other. Choice moments include Ramsay calling out Child for "regurgitating French plates likes a glorified translator." Child hits Ramsay by summing him up thusly: "here's a nice amuse-bouche, take a poor abused youth set a thirty year timer and Voila! Huge douche." 

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