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Mike Pomranz
Updated January 27, 2017

If you think the worst part of Girl Scout cookies is having to interact with actual Girl Scouts to get them, UberEATS is making all of your antisocial dreams come true. The food delivery brand has teamed up with Florida’s Girl Scouts of Citrus to allow local residents to get Girl Scout cookies delivered instantly to their door.

If you live in the greater Orlando area, the UberEATS app is now your direct portal to getting all your favorite Girl Scout cookies on demand. Simply search for “Girl Scout” on the UberEATS homepage, pick which boxes you want and – boom – you’ll be in Samoas heaven. According to the Orlando Weekly, all the proceeds go right back to the Scouts, and if you use the promo code “GIRLSCOUTSCITRUS,” Uber will even toss in an extra dollar on every order.

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Of course, like anything that sounds too good to be true, some restrictions do apply. First, you must order a minimum of three boxes (which, on second thought, isn’t really a problem at all). Second, delivery hours are limited: Monday to Thursday only between 10am and 6pm (or 7pm on Tuesdays only). Finally, the offer is only available in downtown Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, the UCF campus area, Orlo Vista, Oak Ridge, Edgewood, Union Park, Goldenrod, Fairview Shores, Eatonville, Lockhart, Casselberry, Sanlando Springs, Longwood, and Winter Springs. Still, they are sending cookies to your house: How much do you want from these people?!

The promotion, which runs until February 23, is reportedly a first of its kind that only exists in the Orlando area, a partnership that formed when the Citrus Council reached out to UberEATS while brainstorming innovative ways to move more cookies. It’ll be interesting to see if something like this eventually expands to other markets. I say, why not have all Uber drivers sell Girl Scout cookies? I know drivers are supposed to provide mints or whatever. Instead, why not THIN MINTS?!

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