© Jersey Jack Gelato
Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

Warning: the following gelato cone contains dangerous content and is for hardcore dessert fans only. This massive cone from Australian gelateria Jersey Jack's Gelato is comprised of a huge serving of three flavors topped with two smaller gelato cones (as well as many other fun goodies). Jersey Jack, which is located in Como, Australia, a suburb of Perth, has rolled out many over the top gelato flavors and arrangements, but this one—pardon the expression—takes the cake.

The cone, ironically called the Little Mostro, comes with a myriad of toppings and options: even before you consider the two additional gelato cones in your gelato cone, you've got chocolate straws, pretzels, chocolate syrup, crushed nuts, cookie crumbs, and sometimes even whole Oreos. And it's no wonder that each of these Little Mostros has its own little Jersey Jack sign sticking out of it, given how many people have taken advantage of its Instaworthiness.


Of course, its not as if, aside from the Little Mostro, Jersey Jack has been known for its moderation or anything. Other Jersey Jack creations have included a scoop of gelato sandwiched between two whole donuts, a cone made out of donut, and a monstrous a waffle tower that includes three scoops of gelato and three layers of waffle. They also have an insane range of flavor options, including Christmas Pudding, Assam Boi ("preserved plum" in Malay) with Apple and Tangy Lime, and Chili with Ginger and Lemongrass.

Still, none of it quite matches the pure hedonistic delight of topping your massive gelato cone with more gelato cones. For more overblown, gelato-ful goodness, you can follow Jersey Jack on Facebook and Instagram.

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