At FWx, we love dumplings. A lot. So much so that we ate them for breakfast three of seven days last week while shooting this video. Needless to say, it was a great week.
While there are great dumpling spots hiding all over narrow New York from Flushing to Forsyth Street in Chinatown, these three stood out to us because each brings something special to the table (literally and figuratively). We ate gigantic dumplings, reinvented classics and fast casual dumplings, and we adored them all. We know this could be an almost never-ending list, so drop in your favorite places in the comments so we’re sure to get out there for our next feast.
Drunken Dumpling
Chances are you’ve seen an article or two about this shop in the East Village. And if you haven’t, we’re here to fill you in. Drunken Dumpling is the home of the XL XLB, extra large xio long bao, an incredibly massive soup dumpling you drink with a straw. They only make 25 of these puppies per day, which inevitably draws lines waiting to try the dumpling filled with 8-hour chicken broth brimming with crab, shrimp, scallops and veggies. Even if you’re not cut-throat enough to secure an XL XLB, you should certainly stop by for their delicious normal-sized soup dumplings.
Mimi Cheng’s
The sisters behind Mimi Cheng’s were on the hunt for dumplings that tasted just as good as Mimi (their mom) made them. They soon learned that no one could compete with their mother’s touch, so they came to the conclusion that they should quit their jobs and open a shop. They now have three mainstay dumplings on the menu and an ever-changing fourth dumpling they create in collaboration with various chefs around the city. TIP: Do not miss out on their secret sauce.
Nom Wah Nolita
In 1920, the original Nom Wah opened as a Chinese bakery. Fast forward 96 years and the restaurant is now an iconic all-day dim sum spot. Its success has led the owners to open a brand new second location in Nolita, which is revolutionizing dim sum into a fast casual situation. Led by 22-year-old chef Calvin Eng, Nom Wah Nolita is serving traditional dumplings from the original location like steamed shrimp & snow pea leaf and pan-fried pork, along with a ton of new menu items. Add it to your list now.

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