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Joey Skladany
Updated December 13, 2016

Frosted Flakes? More like Frosted Fakes! 

An investigation by a consumer watchdog has revealed what we've always known and expected: many manufacturers are filling their food packages with lots and lots of air. 

According to MSN UK, a consumer center in Hamburg, Germany found products to be "grossly misleading" with their food to box ratio. 


"The X-rays from the measurement authority impressively show how consumers are deceived," center worker Armin Valet tells MSN UK. "We cannot imagine why packaging [products like] risotto rice, falafel flour and muesli without air should not be possible, when it is possible when packaging normal flour which is normally sold without air."

Regulation over this empty space, referred to as slack-fill, has only recently become a controversial topic, with a few lawsuits popping up over underfilled bags and boxes. While companies claim some of the empty space is needed to protect the food inside the packaging, a lot of the lawsuits allege that much of the slack-fill is also unnecessary.  

Do you feel cheated? If so, check out more X-ray photos of foods like Skittles, pasta and biscotti here to feel more enraged. But don't take it out on us. That Tony the Tiger had it coming all along. 

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