By Carey Jones
June 22, 2017
© Ron Manville

Where: The Southern, Nashville

What: Bacon, egg and cheese: a fixture of hangover remedies the world over. At The Southern in Nashville, they're worked into a killer pasta dish. The My Way starts with brown butter linguini, swirled up with goat cheese, bacon lardons and pine nuts. The kicker is two sunny-side up eggs on top. (Not in the mood for My Way? There's also The Highway: chicken and waffles. Either will do you right.) 

Wash it down with: Walker's Bloody is a must-have. It's spiced up with Creole mustard, blackstrap molasses and barrel-aged bourbon, Worcestershire and garnished with a pimento cheese-stuffed olive. The mix is so popular they're now selling it by the bottle. 

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