Aly Walansky
June 23, 2017

Batteries, coins, collectible figurines—kids (and some stupid adults) swallow all sorts of things they shouldn’t. And while the wrong objects in your body can be dangerous, a potentially life-saving solution to the problem of deadly ingestion may have come from the most unexpected of places. Researchers from MIT, the University of Sheffield in the UK and the Tokyo Institute of Technology teamed up and created a remarkable invention.  The scientists made a tiny edible robot that can help you to safely remove dangerous objects from your digestive system.  Even wilder than the mere existence of a tiny edible robot? That robot is made of pork

See how the robot works here, it’s incredible:


To get in your system, you have to swallow it. It will then unfold itself in your gut and wrap around a foreign object. Then, using magnets, it can be steered out of the body. Scientists also believe this robot can be used to help patch wounds and deliver medicine.

“This concept is both highly creative and highly practical, and it addresses a clinical need in an elegant way,” said Bradley Nelson, a professor of robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in a report in MIT News . “It is one of the most convincing applications of origami robots that I have seen.”

Lets hope they develop a vegetarian version next.

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