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Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017

The health-conscious people have spoken and Salad and Go has listened. 

Thanks to elementary school teacher-turned-fast food entrepreneur Roushan Christoffelis, you can now order salads, wraps, soups and smoothies from the comfort of your own car. 


The Arizona-based fast food chain aims to not only make healthy eating convenient and delicious, but also affordable. Most of the restaurant’s meals go for less than $6 and can be prepared in the same short period of time as McDonald's or Chick-fil-A. 

"We found ourselves to be almost jealous of those people that would swing through the drive-thru from their air-conditioned car and be done in five minutes," Christoffelis tells Fast Company. "So, we said, if we’re going to create change, we’re going to need a true alternative, and that means match their speed, price, convenience, but offer that great-tasting, good food."

Christoffelis and her husband have managed to cut costs by streamlining menu items and buying local ingredients in bulk. That being said, healthy food is expensive and finances must be monitored closely to ensure a lower price point. 

"The restaurant industry standard is to have food costs at 28%. Well, ours are 36%. So, you have to get that 8% somewhere. That's why our labor is a little bit less. The operating cost is where the biggest change comes from. Most restaurants are going to have close to 20% for expenses. Ours are 14%, and that’s why we’re able to put more into our food," she revealed. 


The system seems to be working, as the duo hopes to expand their business to other states in the next 18 to 24 months. This could mean greens on the go will be a reality for most busy Americans by 2018.

Lettuce rejoice!

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