Crunch what the doctor ordered.
© Sally Williams Photography/Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images
Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Many athletes would probably tell you that their body is a temple. Well, maybe more of them should start praying to the god of potato chips. Over the weekend, Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel credited his return to form to a bizarre prescription the team doctor handed down: Eat more potato chips.

Back before the MLB All-Star Break, Hammel had to leave his previous July 7 start due to severe cramping in his right hand. After speaking with the Cubs’ physician, he suggested Hammel should focus on adding more potassium and salt to his diet. His specific suggestion: That old salty and potassium rich standby, the potato chip.

“For my cramps, if it's a chronic thing, [the doctor] said, ‘Potato chips,’ because they have a lot of potassium and the sea salt helps retain water,” Hammel was quoted as saying by “So I focused on that over the break and ate a lot of potato chips, and I think it turned out pretty well.” Spending your break eating loads of potato chips? You don’t have to be a pro athlete to do that.


Upon Hammel’s return this past Saturday, he was able to get through six innings, only giving up one run on three hits. Not a bad start. And he reportedly chomped on potato chips between innings. The veteran starter even came up with his own nickname for his snack of choice. “Potato chip prescription,” he said, “that's what I'm going to try to go with.” Man, can I talk to his doctor?

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