By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

The countries that invented foods like Italian wedding soup, Russian dressing and French toast would seem pretty clear-cut based on the names, but as with many things in the culinary world, who invented these foods and where they come from aren't as simple as they seem.

Mental Floss’s List Show decided to look at 24 different foods that probably don’t come from where you think and scratches the surface into their true origin stories. Though you’re probably about as shocked to find out that the chimichanga isn’t from Mexico as you are to find out that the Crunchwrap isn’t from Mexico, it’s somewhat reassuring to be reminded that, of course, chicken tikka masala probably isn’t actually from India and that spaghetti and meatballs is an American staple because it was most likely invented in America.

The video also serves as a solid reminder that no recipes live in a vacuum. It’s insane to think we’re still arguing over who invented French fries all these years later, as if deep-frying potatoes was some sort of culinary epiphany that otherwise would have eluded mankind to this day. 

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