By Carey Jones
June 22, 2017
© Katie June Burton

The Cutest Carrot Sandwich You Ever Did See


Somewhere, there is a tiny bunny craving this very sandwich. (Well, a bunny with a very sophisticated palate.) Chef and owner of Dirt Candy, Amanda Cohen, is known for her wildly creative, oddball-in-a-good-way approach to vegetables, and her “Carrot Sliders on Carrot Buns” are a huge step up from most any veggie burgers you’ll find.

Along with the three miniature sandwiches themselves — carrot confit on a carrot bun — the only logical accompaniment is a yellow carrot salad with pickled chili pepper, bamboo shoots and lime. (If only they sold carrot juice to wash it down.)

The bread: Steamed sesame seed carrot buns that Cohen makes specifically for the sandwich.  

The filling: The soft, supple “confit” carrots are topped with crispy yuba, hoisin sauce, and soy-pickled cucumbers, for an array of East Asian flavors and a little crunch, too.

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