Mike Pomranz
Updated February 05, 2016

We’ve become so accustomed to the idea of “giving someone your heart” that often times we neglect to remember that the statement is a figure of speech. Unless you’ve reached that unfortunate moment in your life where it’s time to make good on your organ donor card, literally giving someone your heart is actually pretty gross (and pretty certain to kill you).

However, just to provide a solid reminder that a literal heart does not equal the kind of heart-shape we cut our Valentine’s cards into, Yolanda Gampp of YouTube channel How To Cake It fame decided to demonstrate how to make a realistic-looking human heart cake that’s guaranteed to scare away any new courtships and may even cause a longstanding partner to question your sanity as well.

Achieving this level of realism in cake form isn’t easy; it takes many man-hours of dedicated baking work – meaning as creepy as it looks, maybe your Valentine would appreciate it on effort alone.

Or maybe you’re dating a cardiologist. In which case, good for you. That’s a hell of a Valentine’s Day score. My Valentine is stuck spending February 14 with a lowly food writer.

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