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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Of all the crazy things you might see at a Walmart, a little bit of imperfect produce should probably be the least of your concerns. Now, thanks to the continuing groundswell of public concern over food waste, Walmart is also realizing that a few bad apples won’t necessarily ruin the brand’s… um… apples.

The massive retailer – which also happens to be the world’s largest grocer – recently announced on its official blog that “after months of discussion, a brand of apples from Washington state, called ‘I’m Perfect,’ will make its debut in Walmart stores” beginning in around 300 Florida Walmarts this week. The name “I’m Perfect” is intended satirically. The apples are specifically chosen because “they fail to meet traditional grade standards,” though as Walmart stresses the texture and flavor are more literally perfect. Walmart will be the first retailer to sell the beautiful-in-their-own-way apples, which will be available in as many as twelve common varieties like Red Delicious and Granny Smith. It’s fitting: Your own granny definitely was sweeter on the inside than she looked on the outside.


“From helping our growers find alternate uses for these less than gorgeous fruits, such as making apple juice or selling small apples for lunch kits, we are committed to identifying options to get less than perfect fruit to market and thereby reduce this type of food waste,” Walmart wrote on its blog. And indeed, one brand of apples is just the tip of the food waste iceberg. But when it comes to the mind-boggling amount of food that goes wasted in the US, everyone has to do their part, and Walmart could potentially do a very big part.

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