FWx Editors
June 23, 2017

Fans of the Simpsons will undoubtedly remember 1994’s very important episode, Deep Space Homer. In it, Homer becomes an astronaut, because he is the definition of a renaissance man. Fans will also probably remember that Homer caused a bit of problem when he snuck a bag of chips with him into space. But that mistake, which seemed so stupid only Homer Simpson would possibly make it, mirrors something that happened in real life in the space program. In 1965, actually qualified astronaut John Young smuggled aboard a corned beef sandwich. And, just like Homer’s ill-fated snacks, the sandwich broke up in zero gravity and pieces floated around the capsule. Fortunately no serious damage was done to the spacecraft, the crew. NASA didn’t however, bring out James Taylor and his laid back brand of adult contemporary music to ease the situation. But hey, no mission is perfect. 


Check out the video up above from Great Big Story for the rest of the corned beef fallout

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