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Updated July 14, 2016
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Whether you live in a tiny apartment with barely enough kitchen space to store a fork and a knife or you're just sick of the clutter in your storage areas, you can probably benefit from a little more compactness in your life. Enter the Clever Cutter. This device is a knife and a little cutting board all in one, so it's pretty much one-stop shopping for prep utensils.

The cutter makes chopping foods kind of like cutting paper with scissors. Okay, so it's basically scissors. Rather than chopping in one place and then scraping the food into your dish, with the Clever Cutter you just snip your food right into the pot or atop your salad. Allegedly, it makes everything in your cooking process go a whole lot faster. (Including the cleaning: it's dishwasher safe.)


Okay, if it sounds kind of gimmicky, you're not wrong. It's literally an As Seen On TV product, complete with the hilariously dramatized advertisement. But with As Seen On TV products come pretty good deals. For $21 (if you include shipping and handling), you can get two of the cutters plus a Clever Peeler, which frankly just appears to be a regular un-clever vegetable peeler.

Granted, there are downsides: according to Amazon reviews, the blade isn't amazing. It's also hard to chop enough vegetables for a large meal with such as small blade and cutting board. Still, for a quick, uncomplicated dish, the Clever Cutter seems like it gets the job done pretty well. Whether that makes it truly "clever" or not is still undecided.

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