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FWx Editors
June 22, 2017

Look, we get it: people like Cheetos. We’re just not sure why everyone keeps trying to sell us the crumbs of a $1 snack sprinkled on another food that was fine the way it was (relatively speaking). But that’s just what Burger King is up to again with their latest menu addition: Cheetos Chicken Fries. Call us curmudgeonly, but chicken “fries” were already a stretch. Then again fish and mozzarella had the market cornered on the “stick” moniker, so we’ll give that a pass. The King previously served up Cheetos-laced Mac N' Cheetos bites. Other Chicken Fries flavors have included Buffalo, Fiery and Jalapeño flavors. So you know, hot-flavored.


This follows a trend in fast food marketing to mash up junk food with, well, junk food. Burger King Spain and the U.S. locations of Taco Bell have also teamed up with Doritos in burger and taco shell form respectively, and the Mexican chain has also put a Cheetos Burrito and Flamin’ Hot Frito shell on the menu and just last week announced an Airheads slushie. Hey, didn’t restaurants used to be where you’d go to get real food? Like actual tacos, actual cheese fries or gourmet mac and cheese and not the stuff they sell at 7-Eleven? Apparently it’s just as lucrative to lure customers with fake food flavorings that they’re already addicted to. That being the case, well played BK. Well played.

Cheetos Chicken Fries arrive in Burger King restaurants on Wednesday for a limited time. They're served sticking out of a box featuring a sunglasses-wearing chicken that makes them look like Guy Fieri. We suppose that's fitting.

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