By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
Maria Dattola Photography

What do you do after you’ve achieved viral fame by trying to eat one of the world’s hottest peppers on YouTube? Start your own chocolate-covered pepper mail order service, of course.

If you’re one of the over 8 million people who watched their video, you’re probably familiar with Lizzy and Sabrina, two young ladies who grabbed YouTube viewers’ attention by donning revealing workout gear and engaging in the “world’s hottest pepper challenge” – trying to eat Carolina Reaper peppers that clock in at about 1.5 million units on the infamous Scoville spiciness scale. If you haven’t seen the video, congratulations, you’re over 21 years old. Go grab yourself a beer.

Needless to say, things didn’t go particularly well for these girls: The video features plenty of post-pepper freaking out. But though the Carolina reapers were bad for their taste buds, the resulting recognition might be good for their wallets.


According to Munchies, Lizzy and Sabrina are behind a new service called “Pepper Bomb Your Mom.” Though the name makes for a decent rhyme, it’s a bit of a misnomer: You can actually pepper bomb anyone as long as you have their address and they are gullible enough to eat strange chocolates sent to them in the mail. “We dip the worlds hottest pepper in chocolate and send it to your friends (or enemies),” the site proclaims. Yes, for just $9.99 you can prank someone by sending them “chocolates with Carolina Reaper peppers on the inside” – either anonymously or with a “personal note stating it was you!”

Whether Pepper Bomb Your Mom is a bad idea or simply an idea that will probably result in a lawsuit is up for debate. But I’ll just toss this word of warning out there: You may want to avoid eating chocolates sent to you anonymously in the mail. That’s good advice anytime, but especially now.

And if you MUST eat chocolates sent to you anonymously in the mail, at least record yourself doing it. It could lead to a business opportunity in the future.