Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

When grocery shopping, how do you determine the ripeness of the fruit you’re about to buy? The eye test? The smell test? Squeezing it? That’s about as technologically-advanced as trying to sail a boat to the moon! Join modern times, you sad savage!

That seems to be the mentality of Dror Sharon, founder of Consumer Physics. His company is working on a handheld device named SCiO they claim can determine the ripeness of fruit at the push of a button – sending calorie, fat and sugar content info directly to your smartphone (because of course your smartphone has to be involved).

Bloomberg recently spoke with Sharon to try to find out more about the purportedly amazing device that was able to raise $2.7 million in a Kickstarter campaign that has since, as Eater points out, been taken down and provoked speculation that the tech behind it may be too good to be true.


As the video above points out, the SCiO depends on a tiny-sized take on spectrometer technology. What the video doesn’t show much of is the SCiO in action. We see it scanning a slice of American cheese—a food that will probably be as fresh on your grandson’s first birthday as it is today.

If you’re skeptical of SCiO, this short video probably won’t change your mind about the mystery product. But even if the product is bunk, you can at least get a glimpse into a possible future where everyone at the grocery store is zapping avocados instead of pressing into them with their thumbs. I guess that’s more sanitary, right?

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