Noah Kaufman
Updated July 21, 2014

Two enterprising Harvard students want to make your baking experience that much easier with spray cake. After months of both scientific and recipe experimentation, John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski figured out that the accelerant in aerosol will release cake batter that is pre-risen, so that it requires no baking soda or baking powder, retains the flavor and texture you’d expect in a cake, and cooks in a microwave in minutes. Their invention was good enough to win them the Technology and Entrepreneurship Award from Harvard and to pique the interest of a seller. McCallum is working on patenting the process right now and expects spray cake to hit grocery store shelves in the not-too-distant future. 

We tend to like our cakes the old-fashioned way, but that’s just us. Cake isn’t the only unexpected thing to come out of an aerosol can recently. Here are five more sprayable foods already on the market.

1. Churros

An observant Redditer found this on a grocery store shelf. It might not be the most authentic churro you’ll get, but who can argue with the convenience.

2. Chocolate Mousse

This is like the Easy Cheese of desserts. You can decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

3. Iced Coffee

Never mind your AeroPress, a Florida company is making aerosol coffee you just spray into your milk. Our inner hipster is dying right now.

4. Eggs

The claim is that these eggs in a can will last up to six months without refrigeration. This is great news for omelet lovers who plan to lock themselves in a bunker.

5. Bacon

OK, technically, this one is squeezable and not sprayable, but either way, bacon in a bottle is a bit worrisome.

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