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You may have heard that some Americans are connecting online and trading votes to ensure third party supporters don’t tip swing states in favor of their least-preferred candidate. While the results of the election may be increasing consideration of a move across the border to Canada, it turns out for nostalgic '90s kids, that move has one added benefit: Dunkaroos. Yes, those Handi-Snak-like packets of cookies and frosting you thought were long gone are actually still on the market up in the True North. But if the election goes your way and you decide to stay stateside, don’t fret: has you covered in the USA.


The website allows desperate Americans and generous Canadians to sign up to be mini-pipelines of processed sugary, cookie goodness. Don’t think it’s a big deal to miss out on some childhood snacks? Not according to Smugglaroos, which explains the end of Dunkaroo sales as "The Dunkaroo Drought":

So, how does it work? Once matched up with a Canuck supplier who is bound for a trip to the U.S., the American provides a location where they will meet their new best Canadian friend to perform the, what we assume will be, incredibly polite transaction.

It’s not exactly a blurred border pharmaceutical exchange, but it’s still proof that America doesn’t have it all. To quote the website once more, “Make America Dunk Again.”


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