Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated August 22, 2017

A staple of state fairs and farm expos everywhere, butter sculptures are a kitschy dairy country form of artistic expression. The massive piles of pallid yellow spread can be incredibly detailed and also weigh upward of half a ton. So what happens when the display is over and the awed visitors have hall gone home for good? Thanks to a time lapse video from the American Dairy Association North East, we get to see the process of both building and dismantling their 1,000 pound nature scene from the 2017 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

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According to, the Pennsylvania expo is the largest of its kind in the country. No wonder they needed an appropriately epic butter tableau to mark the occasion. The sculpture was built by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, a husband and wife team from Conshohocken, PA, over the course of ten days. You can watch them assembling it below:

The discarded butter was sent to a dairy farm that has the capacity to use it as a power source (last year's similarly sized sculpture helped supply energy for three days). The sculpture's title was "A Culture of Stewardship," highlighting conservation efforts in the farming community. So it's a fitting end for all that delcious butter, though I would have preferred to break it down with a pile of warm toast.


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