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FWx Editors
Updated August 23, 2016

Bill Murray is an enigma. His well-documented stunts-of-personality have included everything from crashing engagement photos to apparently driving a taxi so the driver could play saxophone for him. And now there’s documented evidence of one more Murray-ist form of expression: stealing French fries. While other celebs might get be seen as entitled in the same circumstance, for some reason Murray gets a pass as just being quirkily precocious.


Redditor sonowthatimhere recounted the moment, saying that Murray appeared to be dropping friends off at the Martha’s Vineyard airport. The couple’s flight was delayed, so the trio stopped into one of the terminal restaurants for a bite to eat. Murray, not looking for a full entree we assume, snatched up some fries from a diner at a nearby table to the amusement of the other patrons. According to the legend, Murray only commented “no one will ever believe you.” That part is unsubstantiated, but thanks to the photo evidence it’s officially not true. From now on if you say Bill Murray stole your fries, we’ll totally believe you.

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