By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
© Tharakorn/Getty Images

We’ve all seen pornographic food: edible panties, penis-shaped pasta, an eggplant. These are all clearly of questionable moral character. But in Indonesia, a new vile product has been raising eyebrows – noodles wearing a bikini.

The product is called Bikini Bihun Kekinian which Mashable describes as a “noodle snack.” (Google Translate suggests those last two words mean “vermicelli present.”) But it’s not the food inside that’s problematic; it’s the outside packaging which features somewhat cartoonish artwork of a bikini clad woman’s torso. Making the whole thing a wee bit (and I do mean a “wee bit”) more salacious is a phrase written near her midsection, “remas aku,” which means “squeeze me.”

A photo posted by Mozaik_Islam (@mozaik_islam) on Aug 4, 2016 at 6:53am PDT

In a country with the world’s largest Islamic population, over 200 million strong, the branding of Bikini Noodles has been likened to pornography by no less than the head of Indonesia’s Food and Drug Monitoring Agency. And according to The Jakarta Post, the Indonesian Consumers Foundation has also spoken out about the product, with its executive chairman stating, “This snack is inappropriate, especially for kids.” He took particular issue with the “squeeze me” suggestion on the box.

I guess encouraging groping is a bad idea in any culture though – even of noodles.