By Chris Mah
June 23, 2017

Earlier this week we introduced you to Miguel Valenzuela and his incredible 3D pancake printer. As it turns out, Mr. Valenzuela is also a skilled filmmaker, and his PancakeBot creates some pretty impressive props.

Valenzuela’s cheeky 90 second movie is titled “Breakfast Gallop,” and it’s made entirely from breakfast food. The stop-action short features a heroic pancake cowboy riding through a pancake desert landscape, past fences of bacon, and into an egg yolk sunrise. It gives new meaning to the phrase “sunny side up.” The movie also features a brief cameo by Valenzuela’s two adorable daughters. Spoiler alert: they end up eating the set.

We know that Oscars season is over, but could we have just seen our first nominee for next year’s Best Animated Short Film Made Entirely From Food? What do you mean that isn’t a category yet?

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