By Mike Pomranz
June 23, 2017

People love chocolate. And we’ve all been told we should “make love, not war.” Therefore, all you need is a little skewed understanding of the transitive property to realize that chocolate could be an antidote to war.

Former US Air Force pilot and Congressional Gold Medal recipient Colonel Gail Halvorsen inherently understood this slightly fudged logic, and during his days flying supplies into Russian-controlled Germany after the end of World War II, he became famous for dropping parachutes of chocolate and other candy for the children of Berlin, earning himself many nicknames including the “Candy Bomber.” What started as one man’s thoughtful gesture eventually became an entire military project, Operation “Little Vittles.” Over the course of the program, Halvorsen and other pilots dropped over 23 tons of candy for German residents facing starvation.


But why hear me tell the story? The now 95-year-old Halvorsen recently sat down with YouTube’s Great Big Story and told the tale himself. Though the clip is brief, our opportunities to hear first-hand accounts from anyone who was alive during this time period, let alone someone of such prominence, are becoming few and far between. If you’re looking to feel patriotic right before Independence Day, this video might just be the most chocolatey way to do it.