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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

The holiday season feels like it just ended, and already, don’t look now, we are only a month from Valentine’s Day. Yup, just 32 days until your next gift giving occasion. But though you might not have a Valentine’s gift lined up for your loved ones, you definitely know what to get your loved bros… “Broquets” – the bouquets made out of beef jerky.

The company Say It With Beef launched in September of last year with one singular vision: “Flowers Are Lame. Say It With Beef Instead.” For the un-bro-nitiated, that means “bouquets” of “roses” or “daisies” made entirely out of over a half pound of 100% beef jerky and, in lieu of a vase, delivered in a branded pint glass or mug. Customers can also choose from different flavors: original, peppered, teriyaki or mixed. The whole thing ain’t cheap: $35 per arrangement, but compared to flowers it's a steal. Plus you can eat it.

Though Broquets might be an easily mock-worthy concept, according to Say It With Beef’s “About” page, the idea came from a truly genuine place:

“It all started like this... What does one dude get another dude who is in the hospital without it being awkward? That was the question that one computer systems engineer thought as he sat in his cubicle. When one of his coworkers nearly died and was hospitalized, he wanted to get him something. What do you get for someone who is sick? Flowers, right? Sure, but one dude getting another dude flowers would be just . . . well, weird. As he pondered, he leaned back in his chair and saw a bag of beef jerky sitting at someone's desk, and a light came on in his head. Jerky flowers. He could totally make flowers out of beef jerky. After a run to several stores and a few hours of time, the first Broquet was born.”

If that story was any sweeter, it might not be considered bro-y, but it is actually so saccharine that it’s like the most bro’d out thing I have ever heard! Honestly, I’ve never tried a “broquet,” and apparently I am not bro-y enough to have ever had one sent to me, so I can’t vouch for their taste, but if that story is true, I sure as hell will vouch for their brotastic credentials!

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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