Photo Composite: © Westend61 / Sara / Getty Images
Aly Walansky
June 22, 2017

People have been putting bacon in their ice cream and milk shakes for a long time, so we should not be all that surprised that a chocolatier in New Zealand has created a chocolate that is 50% beef.

A food scientist has teamed up with Devonport Chocolates, which is based in Auckland, to create the beef chocolate by taking very lean cuts of  dairy bull beef and turning into it a chocolate-like butter, before encasing it in chocolate. The result tastes, they say, like chocolate, not like beef, and has the nutritional properties of meat – such as protein, iron and zinc.


"We knew we could turn meat into different forms, but whether we could actually fool people by making it look like chocolate is what we didn't know,” Mustafa Farouk, the creator, told "When you try it now, you don't know what you're eating."

If you are into gamier meats, the brand is working on lamb and venison versions next. Yum.

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