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Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017

There are plenty of revolting things Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson said or did during his brief stint on ABC’s hit reality series, but nothing holds a candle to his vile cold cut habit. It’s like there was always a piece of Boar’s Head turkey dangling from his unkempt beard. 


When he wasn’t lifting weights, ripping Evan's shirt or man-crushing on ditzy Canadian Daniel, Chad continued his love affair with meat. Lots and lots of meat. But in a shocking after-the-show twist, the outspoken "luxury real estate broker" revealed that animal protein isn't the only thing on his daily menu. 

“Some days you just get starving. When you’ve been eating sweet potatoes and protein shakes all day straight for 10 days, you’re like, ‘Alright I’m going to order a pizza," he tells People

In addition to pizza, Chad also discusses a morning ritual of six eggs and oatmeal. So we can officially add oatmeal to the list of non-carnivorous grocery items. 

“Then I’ll wait three or four hours and I’ll have a chicken breast,” he says. “For dinner, I have either steak or chicken."

Whomp, whomp. Just when we thought there was the slightest inkling of normalcy, the modern caveman had to ruin the moment.

We can't really fault Chad for his insane diet, because – hi – he looks like this: 

But we're hoping the excess meat isn't the source behind all of his infamous word diarrhea. 

“Each thing that I eat is designed to do a specific job in my body," he adds. If the job is being sexist and repulsive, he may want to pick up a celery stick

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