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Mike Pomranz
Updated June 02, 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to prove your strength by fighting an orange, this is about as close as you may ever come. As part of a campaign to help get kids interested in healthy eating, Nestlé and marketing giant Ogilvy & Mather have come up with a concept for an arm-wrestling juicer. How the hell did no one beat them to this idea? No wonder SkyMall went out of business.

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The design is pretty ingenious: The juicer is simply a regular manual citrus juice press, but the usual boring metal handle is replaced with a badass wrestler arm. The arm-wrestling juicer is part of a series of fun kitchen gadgets the two big companies dreamed up as a part of their United for Healthier Kids campaign. For the time being, all of the kid-friendly items, including the juicer, appear to be nothing more than interesting ideas. But hey, not even the bigshot lawyers at Nestlé can prevent you from retrofitting a juicer with a fake arm! Who wants to open an arm-wrestling juicer Etsy store?

[h/t Foodiggity]

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