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Carey Jones
June 22, 2017

Here to prove that the West Coast can in fact excel on the bagel front, Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery. This Fillmore District spot is the work of Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman. The two deli devotees, missing the pastrami-on-rye of their youth, opened Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen several years back, earning immediate acclaim for their smoked meats and more. Their new Bagel & Bakery does the same for the humble bagel and friends — bringing authentic, old-school eats to San Francisco. And nothing illustrates this more beautifully than their straight-up Smoked Salmon bagel sandwich.


The bread. Per tradition, baked and boiled all the way — “Our bagels are retarded 36 hours before being boiled in malt-infused water, topped on both sides with toppings (don't you hate it when half of your bagel isn't as good as the other?), then baked,” says Evan Bloom.

The filling: The smoked salmon is flown in from a top-secret East Coast family purveyor, sustainably raised, double-cured and cold smoked. (“It's one of the only items we don't make in house,” says Bloom.) It joins whipped cream cheese, razor-thin rings of red onion, and capers — no further adornment required. 

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