Mike Pomranz
Updated December 01, 2016

An amazing thing happened to me over Thanksgiving: Before carving our turkey, our guest and appointed bird slicer Andy thoroughly sharpened the hell out of our knife. My wife stood in wonder, I personally felt a bit emasculated, and Andy, our slicer, was able to tear through that turkey with reckless abandon.

Of course, knives have to be sharpened, but many of us, yours truly included, may undervalue the benefits of sharpening our knives. To hammer this point home, Jun Yoshizuki of the YouTube channel Jun’s Kitchen decided to demonstrate the effect sharpening can have on even a crappy knife he bought at a dollar store.

“So I got a lot of requests to make a video about knives and, like, asked me for my recommendations and stuff,” says Yoshizuki, who’s known for being a skilled sushi chef. “But what I can recommend you is going to depend on your budget, what shapes you want your knives to be, which steel you want your knives to be made of, brand, design, there’s just so many things that you need to think about before getting one. But one thing I can say for sure is that, no matter how much you’re going to spend on your knives, they eventually get dull, and you need to sharpen them.”

He says all this moments after using a sharpening stone to thoroughly sharpen a knife he literally bought for 95 cents and then slicing the hell out of everything from paper to tomatoes to plastic water bottles. So, yeah, point taken.

Now, follow up question, I’m having trouble getting the most out of my spoons. Any thoughts??

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