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Adam Campbell-Schmitt
June 22, 2017

When my wife and I went to Hawai'i, tourist trap barkers bombarded us, trying to get us to pluck and oyster from a bucket to find a pearl. It only cost $15, but of course if you wanted the pearl set into some jewlery you were looking at 200 bucks, easy. While those pearls are likely overpriced, their inflated value is nothing compared to what one fisherman in the Phillipines found. I would say "just found," except he's been sitting on the discovery for ten years. Or rather, sleeping on it. 


According to the Daily Mail, the fisherman's anchor had snagged on a giant clam which he hauled aboard only to discover a 34kg pearl inside the shell. It's a rare find, as clams aren't typically known for making pearls like their oyster cousins. But instead of boasting about it to the world, the fisherman decided to keep it under his bed as a good luck charm. He only revealed the giant gem when the wooden shack he was living in recently burned down. And while that may seem like bad luck, it was actually good luck indeed, as that baby is worth an estimated $100 million. Something tells me he won't just be hiding the cash under his bed, too.

[h/t PopSci]

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