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Farrah Shaikh
June 22, 2017

Why should kids have all the fun this Easter? Chocolate, candy, presents! We want in on this.  We want to wake up Sunday morning excited to see what bunny-themed, pastel treats are loaded into a plastic basket stuffed with paper grass. Whether you are planning on giving someone an Easter basket this year or just treating yourself, here are some grown-up ways to create an Easter basket.

1. DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection, $28

Now that spring is finally here, dive into the flavors of the season with white nectarine, apples, raspberries, pineapple and even white chocolate. This seasonal collection of teas embraces everything you love about Spring with 5 flavors of limited edition teas: Raspberry Cream Pie, Pistachio Ice Cream, Fruits of Paradise, White Nectarine and Monk's Blend (a mix of white, oolong and jasmine tea with natural milk flavoring). All neatly wrapped in a beautiful warm-weather inspiring gift box.

2. Joie de Vin Collection by Clos du Bois, $48

An ideal gift for the super host/hostess in your life. This curated gift bag includes the essentials for the ultimate Spring bash: a bottle of Clos du Bois Chardonnay, chic party paper goods from Idlewild Co., wine glasses and placements that will transport you to a Napa vineyard.

3. Brown Sugar Sriracha Ham from Curemaster Reserve, $100

Take some of the stress off of the host by bringing part of the Easter feast. Choose one of Curemaster Reserves prepared hams and add their homemade Sriracha and brown sugar glaze for a balance of sweet and spicy. The ham will be delivered to their door in a sealed cooler. Note: You will need a bigger basket for this one. And by basket, I mean a shallow roasting pan.

4. Neuhaus Chocolate and Whisky Collection, $40

This gift box of 24 Neuhaus pralines comes with a pairing guide that tells you what goes best with single malts like Auchentoshan Three Wood or Bowmore 15-Year-Old Darkest.

5. Sam Adams Boston Lager Biscuits from Field & Clover, $20

Beer, cheese, and biscuits: three ingredients that will help you win Easter. NYC bakery, Field & Clover, has paired up with Sam Adams to created a dense but delicate biscuit loaded with cheese, a hint of caraway and wonderful beer to add a touch of malted sweetness and hoppy spice. Sunday brunch is complete. (Shipping is limited to NYC and Boroughs.)

6. Epicuren Sugar Body Scrub, $60

Pamper the spa junkie in your life with this dessert-like body scrub. Made with cinnamon, brown sugar and honey. It smells like fresh cookies for a good reason: It’s totally edible. 

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