By FWx Editors
June 22, 2017
© Fredrika Stjarne

We are smack in the middle of corn season. There's enough to dive through the piles at our farmer’s market like Scrooge McDuck swims through gold coins. To mix up how you eat it, here are five recipes that are almost as easy as steaming or boiling.

Sweet and Tangy Corn with Roasted Peppers

Tom Colicchio says he never gets sick of corn and when we eat this dish of his we’re inclined to agree.

Mad Genius Tip: How to Cut Corn Kernels Off the Cob

Raw Sweet Corn and Cashew Chowder

A blender is all you need for this cooling take on chowder. 

Honey-Buttered Grilled Corn

This smoky corn is even better with the sweet honey butter. 

Pan Roasted Corn and Okra

Just throw some corn and okra in a skillet with a little oil and finish with some salt for one of the simplest sides around.

Corn with Smoky Bacon in Foil

No need for oil with this one. The fat from the bacon will keep the corn moist.

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