By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
June 23, 2017

Onions may be a flavorful staple of many delicious dishes, but let’s face it: they’re a pain in the butt to cut up. If it’s not the teary eyes you get from slicing into them, it’s the way their layers fall apart as you try to chop, bringing the knife dangerously close to your fingers. Sure, seasoned chefs may be able to speed their way through a whole bushel of onions in minutes, but for many of us it’s a tedious, time-consuming and irritating part of any meal prep.

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But YouTuber DaveHax has a better way. No, it’s not some frivolous gadget that will clutter your kitchen cabinets and it’s not going to cost you three easy payment of $19.95. In fact, it’s probably already sitting the drawer of your bathroom vanity right now. The miracle solution to all your onion-induced woes? A hair pick. The metal tines are perfect for not only holding an unruly onion from rolling around, they also provide a handy guide for even slicing and keeping all the onion’s layers in one place. But wait, there’s more! A hair pick can help you quickly and precisely slice any number of fruits and vegetables from cucumbers to tomatoes to lemons. Oh, and he doesn’t explicitly say so, but it’s probably a good idea to wash your hair pick before you put it back in your hair.