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Updated July 30, 2015

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The jack-o-lantern grin of certain athletes might seem like an inevitability to the casual fan, almost a price of entry to the professional realm. For one Argentinian dental surgeon, though, it was a chance to turn lemons into lemonade…or beer.

Salta Beer, a popular Argentinian brand and rugby sponsor, partnered with Dr. Sebastian Juri to “give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle,” designing a premolar replacement that not only masticates, but works as a functional bottle opener.

It sounds like a joke a copywriter might come up with after a few too many beers, but as the ad—conceived by Ogilvy & Mather Argentina—shows, these replacement teeth are very real. And that’s what makes them brilliant: it’s a completely goofy idea followed through with sincerity. Of course rugby players need new teeth. And of course rugby players drink beer. In a way, it’s strange no one thought of this sooner.

As the bombastic narrator in the commercial declares over footage of the teeth being implanted, “Never had a brand been so close to its target audience; in fact, Salta Beer was getting into its target audience…literally.”

If you don’t mind the sight of a little dental surgery, the wackadoodle video is definitely worth a watch.

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