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Joey Skladany
Updated December 24, 2016

In news that seems way to good to be true, Chicago-based start-up Üllo has released a filter that claims to remedy those pesky wine-induced headaches. You know, the one you're probably experiencing right now after day one with the in-laws. 

Designed by scientist-turned-entrepreneur James Kornacki, the device's purpose is to rid your favorite reds of "synthetically derived chemicals" like sulfites. 

© Üllo


“The problem with those sulfites is that they cause a lot of reactions in people and they are known to be toxic and they taste really, really bad as well,” Kornacki tells FOX Business

But here's the issue: wine experts argue that sulfites are necessary for your favorite bev's aging process. And an aged wine is a delicious wine. 

To that point, Kornacki argues  “we’re not demonizing sulfites, we understand and respect their use. Once wine makers understand that, this product will really expand their market.”  

If calling sulfites toxic doesn't sound demonizing, we don't want to know what he calls his worst enemies.

No matter how you feel about the great sulfite debate, we're convinced that hangovers have more to do with quantity rather than quality. Guzzling two bottles before bed (because #2016) is going to require a hell of a lot of Advil the next day, no matter how many sulfites manage to wiggle their way through an $80 contraption. 

Come back to us when you've found a way to filter the headache out of an all-night bender. Then we'll talk.  

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