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Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017

Fossil Fuels Brewing Company has a beer that will give any #tbt a run for its money. 

Extracted by molecular biologist Dr. Raul Cano, a 45 million-year old leaf encased in Burmese amber is now being used to brew some prehistoric pints. 


“The principal ingredient is from the Eocene Epoch, which stretched from 56 to 40 million years ago. All the yeast came from a single viable spore that we were able to isolate and germinate back in 1992,” explains Cano in a press release

The ancient leaf’s yeast content, which was tested and “roused” by Cano and fellow molecular biologist, Chip Lambert, will lend itself to a “French-style farmhouse saison. 

“Saison really came to mind because the yeast [has] this wonderful grapefruit essence to it that it imparts in the beer,” recipe developer and brewery partner Ian Schuster tells SF Gate. “Some of the most amazing beer I’ve had, in terms of their light, crisp taste but also sophistication and layers, are Belgian and French farmhouse styles. We all galvanized around that thought.”

Though the suds have yet to hit grocery store shelves, pre-sale orders can be placed through the company's crowd-funding campaign. And if all goes according to plan, you'll have the alcohol in your velociraptor claws by Christmas.

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