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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Even though Beyoncé fans weren’t sure exactly who their favorite diva had beef with on her new Lemonade album, the two women they confused with each other – culinary celeb Rachael Ray and fashion designer Rachel Roy – apparently have no beef between each other. They even exchanged gifts.


“Rachel [Roy] sent me flowers and I sent her a bottle, a big bottle of wine and a straw,” Ray told US Weekly, who is known for keeping up on these sorts of things, after diehard Beyoncé fans (who I refuse to refer to as the “Beyhive”) started harassing the TV personality whose name shares all but a couple letters with Roy.

If you need a rehash of Beyoncé’s initial call out (and who doesn’t), the singer hints on her new album that Jay-Z cheated on her with someone nicknamed “Becky with the good hair,” who most believe is Roy, but the spelling challenged thought was Ray.


Anyway, back to the important stuff: The US Weekly interview. Ray, mindful of etiquette as always, even reached out to Roy’s people to figure out just which type of wine she should send. “[I was going to send Roy] Brunello di Montalcino, where I was married, but I said for our office to ask her office if she drinks red and if she didn't drink red, to send Grande Dame,” Ray explained to the celeb rag. “So I don't know actually which one she got. I wrote the card and she got the straw and the booze.” Talk about journalism!

Either way, for the rest of us, it’s a teachable moment. If you and another person are ever embroiled in confusion stemming from lyrics in a Beyoncé song, send wine with a straw. It’s like something out of Ann Landers.

In the end, Ray said she found the whole thing “hilarious.” “I mean, it's so far removed from my life,” she said. “I'm a cook. I have a little talk show. We chit-chat.” Hmm… That sounds exactly like something Becky with the good hair would say…

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